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Growing up in the beautiful city of Ramallah, Palestine, Yaser Baker began his culinary journey. Yaser had always possessed a deep love for food and dreamed of one day opening his own restaurant. To pursue his passion, he began working in an ice cream shop in Ramallah during the scorching summers, delighting locals and tourists with his refreshing creations.

But Yaser’s determination didn’t stop there. During the winter months, when the temperature dropped and the beautiful city of Jericho came alive, he found himself working in a vibrant restaurant. It was during this time that Yaser honed his culinary skills, learning the art of creating mouthwatering dishes that warmed the hearts and satisfied the appetites of the people he served.

Driven by his dream, Yaser decided to embark on a journey to the United States, seeking new opportunities to further his culinary knowledge. He found himself working on a ferry boat on the Hudson River, and it was here that he discovered the enchanting flavors of American and Italian cuisine. Yaser immersed himself in this new culinary world, absorbing every recipe, technique, and secret ingredient he could find.

After dedicating eleven years to perfecting his skills on the ferry boat, Yaser felt ready to turn his dream into a reality. In 1998, he took a leap of faith and opened Al-Basha Restaurant. Located in a vibrant neighborhood, the restaurant soon became a beloved culinary hotspot, where locals and visitors flocked to experience the authentic flavors and warm hospitality that Yaser and his team had to offer.

Yaser’s passion for food was infectious, and it wasn’t long before his two sons, Ammar and Mohammad, caught the same fire. They eagerly joined their father in the family business, determined to continue his legacy and take it to new heights. Together, they brought fresh ideas, innovative recipes, and a modern touch to Al-Basha Restaurant.

With their combined efforts, Ammar and Mohammad decided to expand the family business. They opened a second location on Crooks Ave., Paterson, NJ, introducing the unique flavors of Palestine to an even wider audience. The new location became an instant success, with patrons indulging in the delectable dishes and experiencing the warmth and hospitality that the Baker family had become known for.

Today, Al-Basha Restaurant stands as a testament to the dreams and determination of Yaser Baker and his family. It continues to flourish, delighting guests with the harmonious blend of traditional Palestinian cuisine and innovative culinary creations. The Baker family’s story is not only one of culinary excellence but also a tale of love, dedication, and the power of dreams.

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